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Phone Consultations

Dr. Yerby consulting on the phone  
Phone consultations are available with Dr. Yerby. The most popular phone consult is the Personal Supplement Planning Program. This is the only service of its kind, which enables a one-on-one visit with a naturopathic doctor from the privacy, and convenience of ones home. This service is especially suited for those who are confused over what supplements to take, the proper dosages, drug interactions that may be occurring, or whether money is being wasted on inferior supplement products.
A direct phone consult with Dr. Yerby focuses on individual medical history and current symptoms, considering recent lab work, and health goals. A basic foundation plan for long-term health, plus effective supplementation for reversing chronic illness is provided. Once the program is planned, high quality supplements, medically formulated, will be suggested with the ability to reorder them with delivery to any location when needed.

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