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About Your First Visit

Personal visits with Dr. Yerby are unlike any other doctor's visit. You will leave your appointment with information based on your particular health situation that will benefit you through life. Unlike anywhere else, Dr. Yerby will research current medical journals prior to your visit in search of the latest treatment options, based on scientific clinical studies, which will address your specific concerns. She will apply these research discoveries from natural therapeutics of botanical medicine and nutrients to your health plan.

A thorough review of existing blood work reports, if brought to the visit, will be included. Dr. Yerby has taken advanced classes on how to interpret lab work "patterns" and low-normal values to discover sub-clinical, or developing conditions, often missed or thought unimportant by most conventional doctors.

An analysis of supplements and medications being taken is also part of your visit with Dr. Yerby. This is important, since adverse affects can occur with the wrong combination of supplements, or in their combination with medications. Nutritional deficiencies can also sometimes happen with medications. Dr. Yerby will make sure this is not happening with you.

Dr. Yerby would like to speak with you prior to making the appointment. This way it can be determined how much time will be needed for the visit. A 10 minute no-charge pre-visit consult is recommended by calling her direct line at 1-919-704-6298. Please say that you are calling for the no-charge information consult, as mentioned on this website. A determination can then be made at that time whether a one-on-one appointment would be indicated or if another physician at the clinic would better satisfy your needs.

What to Bring:
Bring a copy for Dr. Yerby's file any lab work or imaging reports that may be important during the health discussion. Please keep originals for yourself and make copies to provide just before your visit begins.
Bring for careful review the actual supplement bottle of any supplement you are taking.
Bringing a list of questions you would like to have answered is a good idea. Please present them at the start of the consultation so time can be made to cover them during our scheduled time. To ask them just as your time is concluding will extend the time and cost for the visit.
Bring a three ring binder that we can design and expand as your 'Personal Health Notebook'. This is a special tool you will use 'through the years.' You will be taught how to build this and the advantages of maintaining it.

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