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Product home-delivery for clinical patients: Many products normally purchased from clinics are now approved for home delivery. First time purchases require a no-fee registration process. Please look for your product manufacturer and feel free to call in your refill orders.

Clinical patients can now receive their same products from Emerson Ecologics and Xymogen: Those who have been purchasing formulas through medical clinics are now approved for ordering directly through Emerson Ecologics for home-delivery by registering here. These companies include: Pure Encapsulations, Allergy Research, Ecologic Formulas, Cardiovascular Research, and others. You can access the sign-up procedure on this site and without a fee. There will be no sales tax charged, but there will be the standard shipping cost. (Payment methods are held in strictest security through Emerson Ecologics and are never received back at this website.) Xymogen customers feel free to call in your re-orders for home-delivery and confirm with the order that Dr. Yerby is your referring doctor.

  Home  |   Phone Consultations  |   Conditions  |   About Dr. Yerby  |   Links  |   Office Location  |   Contact Us
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