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Changing 'Healthcare'to 'Health Caring'...

Although I am trained and licenced as a naturopathic medical doctor, most people also ask me to provide for them second opinions, suggest alternative choices, or help them prioritize or manage the prescribed treatments they are receiving from their medical doctors. These are people who are turning to me who feel their preferred path to health is not complete, correct, or being supported within conventional healthcare.

This level of safety and detail are always part of every patient visit. While reviewing a patient's records, I often find medical mistakes that have been made, diagnoses that have been missed, drug interactions or side affects from current medications, poor quality supplements, or important questions in need of being answered with a few minutes of their doctors' time. I will always mention these and tell folks how to quickly and easily correct them. Sometimes, it is with these simple changes, that a person will get better. If so, a health restorative program from me may not be necessary, because all the person really needed was just some "health caring."

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