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Many common conditions can be managed with basic preventive steps. Many self-care foundational steps are described in Dr. Yerby's book, Health Without Hospitals (Revised 2015), available in print book or Kindle / digital format.

Dr. Yerby's book, Health Without Hospitals, on Amazon

Health Without Hospitals
The Healing Power of Nature
by Christie C. Yerby NMD

'Health Without Hospitals' is a collection of previously published short articles written when natural medicine was first becoming popular. It still serves today as the information go-to resource for finding the basics to self-care that you may not hear from your conventional medical doctor (MD). Written by licensed naturopathic medical doctor, Christie C. Yerby, it addresses important health categories for both men and women that are easy to follow and that will help prevent chronic illnesses and alleviate aggravating physical symptoms.

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