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Now Available from Dr. Yerby:
Micronutrient Testing
with Measurement of Antioxidant Levels
and Immune System Activity

This comprehensive test uses a specialized technology designed to determine your actual nutritional status that is the result of your diet and supplement program. Have you ever wondered if either your diet or supplement programs are correct for you, or if your health conditions are actually just a nutritional imbalance that is easily corrected?
Also, many common medications deplete important nutrients and if they are not replaced, other unrelated ailments and could develop. The best way to determine if you are being helped or hurt by medication, diet, or supplementation is to test.
Once the results are returned, a personal discussion will be scheduled and, if the results reveal that changes are needed, a 'Nutrient Replacement Plan' will be provided. A personalized multi-page report describing food choices important to you based on your results and a medical grade resource for access and ordering of the right supplements will be given.
Unlike traditional blood testing (serum), hair, or urine tests this method evaluates how an individual's white blood cells respond to varied environments of over 32 vitamins, minerals, amino acid proteins, and antioxidant nutrients - making it the most accurate test for you to find out how 'what's missing from your picture'. Many poor health conditions can disappear when nutritional deficiencies or toxic over-dosing levels are corrected.
Call Dr. Yerby for more details: 919-704-6298
[Most insurance plans will allow for a test discount.]

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