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Beware of NDs Not Medically-Trained

Finding a medically-trained naturopathic physician in North Carolina can be difficult, as there are many mail-order trained NDs in this state. This is because the state licensing law for NDs in North Carolina has not passed yet in the state legislature. Until that happens, anyone can call themselves a naturopathic doctor without being legally challenged on it. Claiming to be a 'doctor' without going to a medical school really does take a lot of nerve. It saves them the $100,000 it costs to attend an accredited 4-year naturopathic medical school, but should cause them some embarrassment if 'found out'.
These accredited medical schools are listed on this link under Professional Education ( Anyone who claims they are a ND, but has not attended one of these schools, is not medically trained and soon will not be qualified to practice in North Carolina when the state licensing law becomes effective. Use caution when following medical advice from these people despite the credentials they may present. Don't hesitate to ask where they received their degree and if it is not from one of these U.S. Department of Education approved medical schools, consider passing on them.
It is on Graduation Day of these schools that 4-year graduates recite the Naturopathic Physician's Oath to 'First Do No Harm' before the public, their family and friends, and God. It is this promise that is the foundation of every patient visit from that moment on.
Here is a short list of towns in North Carolina where these medical frauds are located and where you should be especially prudent in checking credentials: Cary, Mebane, Morrisonville, Charlotte, and Asheville. This list will occasionally be updated so please check back.
North Carolina has many medically-trained, license-eligible (they are licensed in another state) naturopathic physicians who are legally able to call themselves NMDs, 'naturopathic medical doctor', but may choose only to use the designation, ND, which is also correct. This is confusing to the consumer, and is why inquiring about the medical training of those claiming the ND designation is important.
These untrained people are not able to form associations with groups or resources that require them to maintain a state license number or be a graduate from an approved naturopathic school. Without these powerful associations or memberships their connections to current research, medical-grade products, and collaboration with other informed experts for second opinions will not be available to you either, the health consumer. They literally do not have any power or influence within the naturopathic professional community as ND 'wanna-be's.
When selecting a naturopathic doctor, be smart - do your homework. Working on the human body, managing difficult diagnoses, choosing the right treatment tool, and developing a team of partners with whom collaborations are important are not acquired through mail-order associates. (Link to Dr. Yerby's naturopathic school:
Anyone listed on the AANP website (American Association of Naturopathic Physicians) is one of the fully-accredited naturopathic physicians (

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