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Additional Training beyond Naturopathic Doctorate Degree - C Yerby

"Natural Health, Natural Medicine: A Week-long Symposium for Integrative Medicine"
with Dr. Andrew Weil, MD, Leader and Facilitator
Tulum, Mexico  1995

"Balancing Body Chemistry with Nutrition"
Phoenix, Arizona  1996

"Forum on Therapeutic Nutrition: Clinical Practice Update"
Santa Monica, California  1999

"Blood Chemistry and Complete Blood Count Analysis -
Clinical Laboratory Testing from a Functional Perspective"

Phoenix, Arizona  2001

"Nutraceuticals and Medicine:
The Role of Nutraceuticals, Diet, and Nutrition in Disease Prevention"

Memphis, Tennessee  2004

"Put your Nervous System to the Test, Neurotransmitter Testing and Balancing"
Raleigh, North Carolina  2007

"Restoring Endocrine and Metabolic Health:
Certification: Treatment of Wilson's Temperature Syndrome"

Sedona, Arizona  2007

"New Treatments for Chronic Disease: Orthomolecular, Anti-Aging,
and Botanical Medicine"

Sedona, Arizona  2007

"Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice"
San Diego, Calif.   2005

"The Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment"
A one-on-one 5 day training week with Dr. Keith Block, MD, founder

Evanston, Illinois, at 'The Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment' 2005

"Introduction and Clinical Approach to Bio-Identical Hormone RestorationTherapy"
Richmond, Virginia  2008

"Exploring CardioMetabolic Risks"
Richmond, Virginia  2008

"GI Detoxification: Probiotics, Enzymes, and Complementary Agents"
Salt Lake City, Utah  2009

"Practical Clinical Skills in Endocrinology and Chronic Disease"
Moab, Utah  2010

"An Evidence-Based Clinical Research Review in
Integrative Endocrinology and Cardiology"

San Diego, California  2012

"NEI Professional Certification" through Neuroscience, Inc.
The Neurology-Endocrinology-Immunology Supersystem Connection

Chapel Hill, North Carolina  2013

Plus, yearly training for continuing education (CEs) license-maintaining courses and credits:
American Association of Naturopathic Physicians Annual Member Conferences  

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