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Restorative Medicine: Dr. Yerby is certified in 'Restorative Medicine', a new field of medical research, education, and collaberation between MDs and NDs to describe and apply the use of natural substances to assist or recalibrate the bodyís natural mechanisms so that the body is returned to a healthy state of balance. According to the founders, Denis Wilson, MD, and MichaŽl Friedman, ND, restorative medicine can often help people recover from a variety of so-called incurable diseases. Restoring health is fundamentally different than treating symptoms - as conventional medical doctors have been trained to do and are continuing to do.

Becoming 'certified' in Restorative Medicine means understanding the science, as taught by the experts in their fields, of how to balance all systems of the bodies with the right plant-based repairative and restorative combinations recent reseach has provided. Hours of one-on-one personal instruction, plus a certification test, is required to quality for this advanced level of treatment planning. Dr. Yerby in one of only two doctors in North Carolina listed as credentialed providers in Restorative Medicine. ( ) She combines her foundation in naturopathic medicine with the new research and physician team of collaberators from restorative medicine to provide the basis from which her personalized health-restoring patient plans are formulated.

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