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Holistic treatment adrenal, thyroid, sleep conditions Dr. Christie Yerby is a licensed naturopathic doctor, available for
on-site office visits and phone consultations.

She is also a natural science advisor to the products industry and is often asked to educate and collaborate with conventionally-trained medical professionals on natural alternatives for patient treatment. She is frequently called upon to write patient care protocols, product education handouts, and articles reflecting the latest in natural science research.
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Additional Advanced Training

Dr. Yerby's 4-year degree in naturopathic medicine did not stop with her graduation and state board licensing. To maintain her license as 'active' and to satisfy her curiosity on her favorite topics, she continually added more course work to her base of information.
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International Studies

Dr. Yerby studying botanical medicine in Jamaica
In addition to her U.S. classroom and clinical work, Dr. Yerby expanded her studies and interests of natural medicines, to include international observations and experience, participating with native doctors of the Caribbean Islands within the indigenous medical practices of their cultures.

Dr. Yerby and Andrew Weil, MD, studying medicinal plants in the Yucantan Pensinsula, Mexico
Her subtropical visits include traveling to Cuba three times as a journalist, researcher, and medical intern to observe their medical system, which is free of Western pharmaceuticals, a short study with Andrew Weil, MD, in the jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, studying first-hand with him the natural botanical medicines located there, plus studies in Harbour Island Bahamas, Jamaica, and Hawaii. 
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Additional Certifications

NEI Certified by NeuroScience Inc.
Neuro-Endocrine-Immune SuperSystem

This is course work and testing which addresses the connection between these three human health systems: neurological, endocrine system, and the immune system. Dr. Yerby is the only licensed naturopathic physician to be trained and tested in this complex specialty.

Restorative Medicine: Dr. Yerby is certified in 'Restorative Medicine', a new field of medical research, education, and collaberation between MDs and NDs to describe and apply the use of natural substances to assist or recalibrate the body's natural mechanisms so that the body is returned to a healthy state of balance.
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Wilson's Temperature Syndrome:
Dr. Yerby is also trained and tested in 'Wilson's Temperature Syndrome', a persistent but reversible slowing of the metabolism often brought on by the stress of illness, injury, or emotional trauma, and characterized by a low body temperature and classic low-thyroid-like symptoms. Her training and credentialing was received directly and in-person from founder, Denis Wilson, MD. He remains a collaterating physician contact for her.

Messages From Dr. Yerby

Now Available from Dr. Yerby:

Micronutrient Testing
with Antioxidant Levels
and Immune System Activity

This comprehensive test uses a specialized technology designed to determine your actual nutritional status that is the result of your diet and supplement program.

Have you ever wondered if either your diet or supplement programs are correct for you, or if your health conditions are actually just a nutritional imbalance that is easily corrected?
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Books by Dr. Yerby

Dr. Yerby's book, Health Without Hospitals, on Amazon

"Health Without Hospitals"
The Healing Power of Nature

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Terence Shepherd, RPSGT

Terence Shepherd, RPSGT has joined Dr. Yerby as a consultant specializing in sleep and weight management, an emerging connection of health concerns that is becoming more and more common in this culture.

They work together as a team to unravel the causes of sleep disturbances, then design a plan to resolve these sleep issues.

He is certified in the NEI SuperSystem by NeuroScience Inc. and is trained in EKG cardiac surveillance with experience in this area from UNC Hospital, Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
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Printable Sleep Diary: click here
Sleep Deprivation Chart: click here

Books by Terence Shepherd

Sleep More, Weigh Less by by Terence Shepherd

"Sleep More, Weigh Less"

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Self Care Services
Direct Labs To order the Complete Wellness Profile (CWP) use this link to view a description and set up your account:

The CWP is 50 important blood tests for $97. You will receive the online lab requisition form. Then go to any Quest Laboratories for the blood draw, and receive a confidential results report by email within a couple of days.

Results are available in a PDF file format for download.

Includes: cholesterol profile, thyroid panel, kidney panel, blood glucose, complete blood count, liver and gallbladder tests, electrolytes, and more.
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Physician-Grade Supplements

Doctors Supplement Store
Registration Code: CY411

Free Shipping Over $100.00

Changing 'Healthcare'
to 'Health Caring'...

"Although I am trained and licenced as a naturopathic medical doctor, most people also ask me to provide for them second opinions, suggest alternative choices, or help them prioritize or manage the prescribed treatments they are receiving from their medical doctors. These are people who are turning to me who feel their preferred path to health is not complete, correct, or being supported within conventional healthcare."
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Beware of NDs Not

Finding a medically-trained naturopathic physician in North Carolina can be difficult, as there are many mail-order trained NDs in this state. This is because the state licensing law for NDs in North Carolina has not passed yet in the state legislature. Until that happens, anyone can call themselves a naturopathic doctor without being legally challenged on it.

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